Flora Haritou

Flora Haritou is the director of Chatty Kids Speech Pathology and is a practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia.

She has over 22 years experience in private practice and has been employed by The Royal Children’s Hospital since 1992. Her positions have involved various clinical, teaching and consultative roles.

Flora specialises in speech, language and social communication difficulties in children and adolescents with developmental and acquired disorders. Flora provides extensive and comprehensive assessments in order to provide specific and goal focused treatment protocols. Flora has worked closely with medical, allied health and teaching professionals and is dedicated to a holistic approach to paediatric therapy. Flora has extensive experience in working with children with developmental, learning, auditory processing and chronic health conditions including acquired brain injury, epilepsy and anxiety disorders. Flora has a particular interest in the interaction between cognition, learning style and communication skills in children and adolescents.

She is a research associate for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and has been involved in neurosciences research practice and development for many years. She has worked collaboratively with neuropsychologists to develop research protocols and has contributed to numerous research publications.


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About Chatty Kids

Chatty Kids Speech Pathology was formed on 24 May 2007. For over 8 years Chatty Kids Speech Pathology has been providing services to children and their families. Our goal is to provide therapy that is individualised and tailored to the needs of the child.

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