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Support and Funding Streams

Certain Medicare, Private Health Insurance and Third Party Health Provider funding can be available, as follows:

Medicare Rebates

Medicare Allied Health Initiative for Chronic Disease Management Items  
-previously known as Enhanced Primary Care – (EPC) plans
 – more information

Helping Children with Autism Package
 – more information

Private Health Funds

Speech Pathology services can be rebated under certain ancillary tables of private health funds.  Consult your health fund to obtain details on the rebate amount or speech pathology consultations and the maximum amount you can claim per person or family in a calendar year.

Third Party Health Providers

This relates to specific programs or bodies which may pay for speech pathology services where eligibility is met and an appropriate referral from a medical practitioner has been provided to the speech pathologist.

These bodies may include:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Workcover authorities for workers compensation injuries
  • Motor Accident authorities for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

About Chatty Kids

Chatty Kids Speech Pathology was formed on 24 May 2007. For over 8 years Chatty Kids Speech Pathology has been providing services to children and their families. Our goal is to provide therapy that is individualised and tailored to the needs of the child.

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Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm

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